Thank you Upfront Summit

Last week, I attended my first Upfront Summit. I'm not a conference person - in fact, I generally try to stay away from them.  However, this one was incredibly valuable and relevant to me. The curation of the people was … [Continue reading]

The story of Matt

As you might imagine, I get hundreds of random inbound emails each week. Many of them are seeking funding for their startup. Recently I got one such email from Matt, and as I often do I responded by directing him to learn more about the Techstars … [Continue reading]

A few thoughts on inclusive hiring

BeVisible, Techstars, and Foundry Group hosted a wonderful event recently on the topic of diversity and inclusion. We were fortunate to have Mandela Schumacher-Hodge join us from Kapor Capital. About 50 Boulder area startup executives joined for a … [Continue reading]

A week in Australia


I'm writing this on my way back from Australia. Brad Feld and I just visited several cities on this trip to learn more about the great startup communities there. Techstars recently launched our first Techstars program in Adelaide focused on the … [Continue reading]

Don’t go dark

I've had a couple of situations lately where a portfolio company founder or CEO went dark on me. They just stopped communicating. Sometimes takes me a while to notice it. When I do, I usually check in with the person and just ask something like "Hey … [Continue reading]

Rethinking corporate innovation at Techstars

At Techstars, we're building the best global ecosystem for founders to bring new technologies to market. One of the impacts that I think we'll have long term is to change the way that corporations engage with startups. We want to help make those … [Continue reading]