Techstars is investing in approximately 500 companies per year globally as of the start of 2022.  Please note that 100% of our initial investments are made via the Techstars accelerator programs.  I do not make direct angel investments outside of Techstars.

Through Techstars and our associated funds, as of January 2022, I’m a a first round investor in 2,794 internet startups such as Uber, Twilio, SendGrid, and Pillpack. Those startups were founded by 7,085 founders that I’m proud that we have supported. In total, these investments have gone on to create more than $200B in enterprise value. More than 20 of them are unicorns already, and dozens more will be very soon. That’s what I love about startups – they can change the world. Hopefully your startup is next! Apply to join a Techstars accelerator and find out!