The Techstars Foundation and Black ParentPreneurs

A huge thank you to Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor and Anchor Point Foundation for getting the ball rolling in a big way with the ParentPreneur Foundation, by nominating them for the Techstars Foundation Accelerate Equity program and providing a $100,000 lead grant. Amazing!

The ParentPreneur Foundation is an awesome organization and peer network started by James Oliver Jr. that empowers black ParentPreneurs so they can leave a legacy for their beautiful children. ParentPreneurs, of course, are parents who also happen to be entrepreneurs.

What I love love love about the ParentPreneur Foundation is that James has created a vibrant community, which regularly hosts speakers such as Seth Godin, Brad Feld, and many others. I’ve witnessed first hand that community having each others backs, and that is awesome. The lives he’s changing (like this one and so many more) and the associated impact is tremendous.

“The ParentPreneur Foundation gives parents a safe place to voice their concerns and fears without judgment. This grant will allow me to not only support my growing business but support a few other businesses in the works. I’m grateful and blessed.”

Pamela Booker, CEO of Koils By Nature

Through Accelerate Equity, the Techstars Foundation identifies early-stage nonprofits and ideas to empower and support underestimated entrepreneurs. We then call on the Techstars network to pitch in. The Techstars Foundation will add a 5% match to the total raised at the end of the calendar quarter. We then work with the nonprofit providing talent, resources, and network because we believe that the powerful impact of what James is doing can still be broadened significantly.

You can donate right now, right here and you can make a difference today.

Please also share this post with contacts at your corporation who might want to partner with the Techstars Foundation, Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor’s Anchor Point Foundation, and the ParentPreneur Foundation as part of their approach to giving back.

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