Book: The New Builders

Seth Levine (Foundry Group) and Elizabeth McBride (international business journalist) have released their new book “The New Builders: Face to Face with the True Future of Business.” It’s a fascinating look into who is really driving the entrepreneurial spirit forward today. The truth will surprise you. It’s not the white male tech founder that we all read about every day. The reality is that most new businesses are started by people who are black, brown, female, and older. Many of them are immigrants and people who have been left out of the narrative. Seth and Elizabeth call this next generation of business owners New Builders. 

Grab your copy today and understand this hidden trend that is changing how business is done and how the entrepreneurial economy is evolving. As we start to bounce back from a global pandemic, I hope you pay attention to their research and stories. The future is brighter because of the New Builders and the change and inspiration they’ll bring to everyone.

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