eNeighbors – localizing community one neighborhood at a time

Thanks to Colorado’s own eNeighbors, Nottingham Forest South residents can read all about the latest progressive dinner happening in their neighborhood.

I met with founder Chris Stock this morning and he explained to me that his product fills a need for homeowners associations, defined neighborhoods and apartment complexes. It gives them a presence on the internet and a place to allow residents to network. eNeighbors provides the community with a web presence while creating a channel for localized advertisement (the local bank will buy you lunch!). It also enables other revenue generating possibilities such as payment processing (think rent payments, school dues, soccer team fees, HOA fees, etc).

eNeighbors has signed up several customers and is in the process of designing and building it’s “2.0” version in support of a national launch. This update will allow for additional scalability and a single point of entry under the eNeighbors domain. The company will soon be seeking angel investment and is currently searching for a hands-on entrepreneurial CTO to lead future product development.

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2 responses to “eNeighbors – localizing community one neighborhood at a time

  1. It was great to meet with you David, and thanks for your insight.

    I went to the Colorado Capital Conference in Denver yesterday and spoke with Reid Hoffman. He quickly identified the main issue with online social networking for neighborhoods – distribution. I prefer the term scale.

    While this is a problem, it also presents a unique opportunity for the company that solves it. (Which by the way, I think we have. But I can give away the secret.)

    Our first iteration of eNeighbors was to build neighborhood communities one at a time (as the blog title implies) with seperate domain names. This works as a small business model, and we’ve proved that. But it doesn’t scale.

    We are currently working on our second iteration and need a rock star to help bring the vision to reality.

    Any takers? Comments?

    Thanks again for your time David.

  2. I thought Reids verbal diarrhea was really great! He’s not a polished public speaker, but i loved every minute of it. For those who might not know Reid, he’s founder & CEO of LinkedIn. Although his ramblings were sometimes hard to follow, I thought he had some great insight into consumer internet plays. I suppose someone involved in LinkedIn, Friendster, Flickr and Paypal would know something about that stuff. He also seems like a great guy. I like “real” keynotes like that, where he’s just talking and not reading the powerpoint.

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