eNeighbors – localizing community one neighborhood at a time

Thanks to Colorado’s own eNeighbors, Nottingham Forest South residents can read all about the latest progressive dinner happening in their neighborhood.

I met with founder Chris Stock this morning and he explained to me that his product fills a need for homeowners associations, defined neighborhoods and apartment complexes. It gives them a presence on the internet and a place to allow residents to network. eNeighbors provides the community with a web presence while creating a channel for localized advertisement (the local bank will buy you lunch!). It also enables other revenue generating possibilities such as payment processing (think rent payments, school dues, soccer team fees, HOA fees, etc).

eNeighbors has signed up several customers and is in the process of designing and building it’s “2.0” version in support of a national launch. This update will allow for additional scalability and a single point of entry under the eNeighbors domain. The company will soon be seeking angel investment and is currently searching for a hands-on entrepreneurial CTO to lead future product development.

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