Are financings and M&A slowing down during the pandemic? (Update through June, 2020)

Back in April of this year I wrote “Are financings and M&A slowing down during the pandemic?” with the goal of sharing the Techstars view of how things have been changing over the events of the first half of 2020. Here’s an update to that data through the end of June, 2020. Remember, the graphs show when the activity starts (comes across our virtual “desk” at Techstars for the first time). I’ll continue to try to update and share it as we get more information.

The M&A data implies that the market “flinched” in April 2020. The one data point we saw in April 2020 was near the end of that month. This matches my own experience of what’s happening. Almost nobody was starting new M&A transactions in April. But, as the stock market came back so did the acquirers, just as quickly. My take on this is that the experienced acquirers are now deal hunting or doing business as usual. Those that are less experienced are still on the sidelines.

For financings, the data shows that there’s still no change in the activity level. Financings continue on relatively the same pace as last year, adjusted up slightly for the size of our portfolio growing at about 500 companies per year which is about 20% over 2019 data. Takeaway: VCs have capital and they’re deploying it. Sure, maybe valuations have adjusted downward slightly, but the pace feels unchanged.

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