New MIT Entrepreneurship book: Celebrating Entrepreneurs

My friend and an investor in various Techstars funds, MIT Professor Edward Roberts, who founded the MIT entrepreneurship program and still chairs the MIT entrepreneurship center, has just published “Celebrating Entrepreneurs: How MIT Nurtured Pioneering Entrepreneurs Who Built Great Companies”. At the website, you can get more information about the author, the book itself, and a direct link to ordering from Amazon in electronic or paperback format at the current pre-publication and early-buy discounted prices (Kindle etc., $9.99 and a beautiful colored paperback, $50).

The first part of the book tells the inside stories of the creation and development of all major parts of the “MIT Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”. I believe you’ll find the book of great interest, perhaps especially its five chapters filled with in-depth interviews and background on the MIT “spinoff startups” that became the leaders of: the life sciences and biotechnology industry, the Internet, from CAD-CAM to robotics, ands even “modern finance”, plus a host of other diverse firms, including such recent successes as HubSpot, Okta and Techstars own PillPack, all founded and led by MIT alums.

What’s even better? All author royalties will be donated directly to endowment funds that support the MIT-wide entrepreneurship programs — this will immensely help foster future entrepreneurs.

I strongly encourage you to purchase and enjoy “Celebrating Entrepreneurs” by Ed Roberts! 

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