Supporting the 1K project

Minda Brusse and my good friend Alex Iskold started a new organization recently called the 1K Project. Already thirty more volunteers have jumped in to help manage it. The idea is super simple. You can nominate a family and directly support them with $1,000 (1K) per month for three months. They’ve already crossed 100 families supported, and it’s growing fast.

If you can support a family through the 1K project, it lights up a map like in this example.

The mission of the 1K Project is to help families impacted by the pandemic by connecting them directly with sponsors who are willing to gift them $1k a month for 3 months – this is a bridge until government funding comes / people can get back to work and figure out other sources of funding. It was created to allow one family to directly support another in a very straightforward way. Families get referred to the 1K project through friends, families and crucially, through their former employers who are pained by having to let the employees go.

Visit to nominate and sponsor a family!

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