No Vision, All Drive – updated!

This fall, the newest edition of No Vision All Drive by David Brown, my co-Founder and (now) CEO of Techstars was released.  As I read the new book, I am again reminded of the times David and I shared building our first company, Pinpoint Technologies. It’s tough to find honest, concise recollections of the entrepreneurial journey, yet No Vision All Drive provides just that. In addition to David’s personal story, it’s also full of tips for businesses of all sizes to create long-term scale and sustainability.

In the book, you’ll find little gems about our lives, like PHK nights (which I’m sure all entrepreneurs have their own version of), how we chose to settle in Boulder, and what we were thinking when we sold Pinpoint. 

This book is a reminder of what’s important in business and how to build a really great product while also having fun. I hope you enjoy our story. 

No Vision all Drive is part of the Techstars Series and is available to buy on Amazon now

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