New book: “Sell More Faster”!

Just the other day, I blogged about the second edition of Do More Faster that Brad Feld and I recently released.

Go get Sell More Faster now!
Sell More Faster!

When Brad and I first wrote Do More Faster in 2010, our goal was to provide founders everywhere with some principles for building a venture backed business, a map to avoid common pitfalls and some tools to build their businesses faster.  The book has become a staple in the startup world and part of our ever growing content at Techstars.

Today, I’m happy to share that Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director of Techstars Accelerator in Austin has written a book that will help every company get on a more direct path to figuring out product-market fit and how to build a scalable and repeatable sales process and organization.

The book is called Sell More Faster – The Ultimate Sales Playbook for Startups and is available to pre-order on Amazonand B&N.  It’s the latest book in the Techstars Series – and you should expect more from that series soon! Don’t you love that awesome green look and #givefirst feel?

When Amos first shared he was writing the book I asked him why this book and he said, “because, surprisingly, with all the great books on sales out there, literally none of them give early stage founders a recipe for thinking about sales and product-market fit from day zero”.  We looked around and he was right.

And no surprise, in the very first week that we announced the book it became the #1 New Release immediately. It hits stores on September 4th.

If you are a Series A or earlier company, reading this book is a no-brainer.  It’s a very simply laid out step-by-step guide that starts with something that Amos has coined as your W3:  WHO are you selling to, WHAT are they buying and WHY are they buying it. This is the crucial and foundational element that sets you up for attaining product market fit. The book then leads you through how to figure out if you are on the right track, how to identify when you are, and what to do once you are on the right path.  It’s awesome and every founder should make this part of their playbook.

It officially hits the stores on September 4th and you can pre-order yours now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Also keep an eye out at because Amos will be doing a 20 city book tour this fall which will include a workshop on Chapter 1 of the book!

Enjoy the read and go Sell More Faster! Congrats Amos!

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