Introducing Techstars Talent

Techstars is always adding to our worldwide network through our accelerators, our community programs, and more. Because we attract such amazing people, our network is basically a giant pool of awesome talent.

We launched Techstars Talent because we saw an opportunity to connect every stakeholder in our network with companies they care about.

The real reason we’ve created Techstars Talent, of course, is to help entrepreneurs succeed. We know that finding great talent is one of the 3 big challenges most founders face (the other two being business connections and capital). We’re hoping this new capability provided by Techstars can make make it much easier to find great talent inside their companies.

Beyond just hiring, Talent will be a way to support founders through some of the toughest, most unanticipated challenges they may face in their businesses. Founders can take advantage of Techstars Talent by connecting with our referral network of top talent, learning from the content center, and leveraging partners and services.

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