True Blue – an Internet public art story

A few years ago while sitting on a barstool in Boulder, I was chatting with my friend Eliot Peper. Eliot is a terrific author, and has written many great books circling around entrepreneurship with some of it set in Boulder.

That day, I was sharing a thought about a story I had in my head. I was secretly hoping he might think it was interesting and write a book about it. The basic premise was this: What if your future was determined by the color of your eyes? I’ve always thought that so much about prejudice was based on the most uncontrollable and tiny differences between us, and how ridiculous this will seem when someone eventually visits us from another planet.

Based on this simple idea (and it was not much more than that), Eliot created a fantastic short story called True Blue, and published it nearly two years ago. Here’s my original blog post about it when that story was first released.

After that Eliot approached me with the idea that we could do more. Writing is art. I’ve long said that entrepreneurship is also art. Both are creating something from nothing. Both take nothing more than an idea, and turn it into something that is real, living, and impactful. Eliot and his friends (Phoebe Morris and Peter Nowell) have now created a way to not just read that short story, but to experience it.

They’ve just released it today, a few years after this was just an idea.

Here’s the public art project, True Blue. You can enjoy the whole story in 10-15 minutes and  also experience some amazing art and design. Try it on a few different screens to fully experience it. I’d love to hear what you think about it once you’re done. Please do leave a comment.

Thanks Eliot, Phoebe, and Peter for truly bringing the story to life!


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