I’m loving Soundwall

It’s art. It’s a speaker. It’s a conversation piece.

With Soundwall you can stream music to an interactive flat-panel speaker that also happens to be a beautiful piece of artwork.

It’s really cool to have art that surprises people, and everyone always wants to talk about it. The sound is incredible thanks to Distributed Mode Loading technology, and you can choose from a wide variety of artwork, or even create your own custom design.

Soundwall is being used in places like hotels, event spaces and hospitals. In addition to the Nova, which is aluminum artwork, they have now introduced a new, smaller product called Solstice, made from a canvas-quality magnetic material. With Solstice you can also get additional prints to switch up the artwork whenever you want.

Solstice pricing starts at $499, but right now they’re offering an introductory special price of $399 as they launch the new product.

Check out soundwall.com for more info and to see how cool this new product is.

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