Katie Rae and the Engine at MIT

Everyone who knows Katie Rae at Techstars is thrilled that she’s taken a lead role with The Engine at MIT, a new venture fund and incubator space there. Katie was the Managing Director at Techstars for our Boston program from 2010 to 2014. She epitomizes “give first” and cares deeply about the founders she works with as well as developing the Boston ecosystem.

I personally learned a ton from Katie and while I was sad when she departed Techstars a few years ago, we’ve stayed close. She started Project 11 ventures with Reed Sturtevant and Bob Mason who were also both very involved with Techstars in Boston. We became a Limited Partner in Project 11 when it launched and Katie continues to mentor at Techstars regularly.

Congratulations on the next chapter, Katie!  As you know, Techstars is for life and we are excited to strengthen the already strong ties between the Techstars global network and the amazing MIT network. MIT is lucky to have you!

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