Alexa, what is the Alexa Accelerator?

The Alexa Accelerator, powered by Techstars, is a new program designed to support early-stage companies advancing the state-of-the-art in voice-powered technologies, interfaces and applications.

Created in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa Fund, the program will focus on Alexa domains such as connected home and car, wearables and hearables, communication devices and more. Participants will receive an investment from Techstars and the Alexa Fund, and access to the teams and tech behind Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), Alexa Voice Services (AVS), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Launchpad.

If you’re an entrepreneur working on integrating and advancing voice-powered technologies, the Alexa Accelerator could be a great fit. Companies selected for this program will enjoy access to the most cutting-edge technologies and will have the opportunity to collaborate with accomplished leaders working to advance the capabilities of voice interfaces and their enabling technologies.

Applications are now open. For more information, you could of course check out the Techstars website.

But, hey, if you happen to have an Echo or Echo Dot, what better way to start your journey than by asking Alexa?

Try some of these questions:

  • What is the Alexa Accelerator?
  • What is a start-up accelerator?/What is a startup incubator?
  • How do I / can I apply to the Alexa Accelerator?
  • Who should apply to the Alexa Accelerator?/Should I apply to the Alexa Accelerator?
  • What is the Alexa fund?
  • Where will the Alexa Accelerator take place?
  • When are applications due for the Alexa Accelerator?/By when should I apply…
  • What is Techstars?/Who is Techstars?
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