My first post about Yoga Pants

This is my first post about yoga pants, but hopefully not my last!

Believe it or not, dress pant yoga pants is a huge tech story. Better yet, a Techstars story!

Betabrand is a online clothier that outfits Web communities, and, this month, they’re donating to the Techstars Foundation based on sales from their top product! That’s right, dress yoga pants!

Go buy a pair or three and you’ll not only look amazing (or help someone you love look amazing while being super comfy), you’ll be contributing to help women and other underrepresented groups in high tech entrepreneurship! We call it Yogaid. No brainer!

If that’s not enough motivation, you can see some of the super-awesome female founders of Techstars companies wearing the Betabrand gear on that same page.

Time to go check it out!

Here’s a click to tweet if you want to spread the word!

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