USA Today Highlights the Boulder/Denver Startup Scene

The Boulder and Denver tech startup communities were featured in a recent USA Today Talking Tech video. Several entrepreneurs from the area were interviewed for the segment, including yours truly:

I think the report does a great job of highlighting some of the unique aspects of our community here, in particular the collaborative and inclusive ecosystem that helps it thrive. Like Paul Berberian of Orbotix says, everyone wants to see everyone else succeed. When someone needs help, others in the community respond by offering up networks and contributing resources. I discussed this distinctive “open door” mentality a while back in an article called Boulder is for Startups on the WSJ Accelerators blog.

Another cool thing about the Colorado startup scene is the way Denver and Boulder make concerted, ongoing efforts to interact and collaborate as part of a larger community, with events like the Boulder/Denver New Tech Meetups that Jennifer Asbury talks about in the report. The New Tech Colorado site provides a place for all Colorado startups and entrepreneurs to see what’s going on in different parts of the state.

There’s always something exciting happening with Boulder and Denver startups. Colorado is an awesome place to be an entrepreneur, and an all-around great place to live. For more information about the many resources available to the tech startup community in Boulder, check out The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Boulder Startup Community.

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