TechStars Seattle is en fuego

Techstars Seattle is on fire. Haiku Deck recently announced a new $3M in funding from Madrona and others, for a total of $3.9M in funding. Everymove is now at 6.1M in funding after a recent 3.5M new round. Romotive recently raised 6.5M from investors including Sequoia. And Tred has raised 1.7M from Maveron, Chris Sacca and others. In total, the 29 past Techstars companies from the Seattle program have raised nearly $40M in venture capital so far. Of course it’s not all about fundraising. These 29 alumni companies employ more than 160 people now as well and have a chance to build real sustainable businesses in time. They’re also an incredible peer group to each other, as well as part of the global Techstars alumni network.

We often hear that companies feel they are “too far along” for Techstars. The data is now very clear that Techstars adds tremendous value both at the very early stage and after early seed funding and traction. No matter your stage, do yourself a favor and apply. It takes just a few minutes and you can always learn more later. The option to have an extra $118,000 in funding and to surround yourself with unbelievable mentors for three months while building your global business network can make a huge difference for your company.

The early application deadline for Techstars Seattle 2013 is Friday, May 3. Apply now because applicants who apply before the final deadline of May 31 have more opportunity to network with us and will receive additional consideration.

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