TechStars London Busman’s Holiday, summer 2013!

Definition: Busman’s Holiday – a break, holiday or vacation during which you engage in activity that is similar to your usual work.

Summer is almost here and you might be planning a vacation or overseas trip. As an alternative this year, why not take a Busman’s Holiday to Techstars London? We would like to invite mentors and alumni from across the entire Techstars network to our new shiny office in TechCity London. We will provide you with a free desk and facilities – to allow you to do the same job but with a different view.

Our London home is Warner Yard, a brand new co-workspace founded by one of the Techstars London investors Federico Pirzio-Biroli from Playfair Capital. The four-story space will be buzzing with over 150 desks – which will include Techstars London, awesome startups, an event space, and angels and early stage funds who have already claimed their desks.

Our only ask is come and mentor some of the teams while you are in London and meet some of the movers and shakers from the London scene. Fish and chips, double decker buses, and sampling local pubs are of course optional add-ons. Alongside the Techstars team, who will be spending time in London this summer, we have already received commitments from David Mandell of PivotDesk and Albert Wenger from Union Square Ventures. I’ll be spending all of July there myself, so if you’re an experienced entrepreneur of current Techstars mentor or alumnus, we’d love to have you join on the Busman’s holiday this summer!

Techstars London will kick off July 2, ending September 27 with an awesome Investor Day. If you are interested in helping out – just contact me and I’ll connect you with Jon Bradford, our Managing Director in London – to reserve your desk. Or if you know of any awesome startups, do not hesitate to recommend them to apply now to Techstars London. Hurry, because applications close this weekend on May 5th!

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