Big Data Meetup at CU on 2/13 @ 6:00

Are you in Boulder and interested in Big Data? It’s way better than medium data or small data if you ask me.

Are you amazed at how the big data technologies of the last few years have transformed the way you look at data? Are you interested in what the next “big thing” is in big data? If you answered yes then you have to come to the Februrary Boulder / Denver Big Data meetup on 2/13 @ 6:00 PM at CU ( ECCR 265 ) .

Ted Dunning, Chief Architect at MapR Technologies and contributor to the Drill project, will be presenting on Drill. Drill, a technology that has its roots in the Google dremel paper, is an interactive query platform that promises 10x-100x query performance over current Hadoop options. For more information look here. It’s a great group and a really good opportunity to network with others with an interest in big data.

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