Tennis on the Red Clay and my visit to Chile

I spent the past few days in Santiago, Chile, playing tennis with an ex-pro, having lunch with Al Gore…you know, the usual grind.

Santiago is an amazing place, the people are great and I had super nice treatment the entire time. I was there to take part as a speaker at Common Pitch Chile, where I met a bunch of interesting entrepreneurs who are doing really exciting things. I was definitely looking forward to was playing tennis on the red clay (it was on my bucket list), but I never dreamed I would get to hit with an ex-pro. Raul Valdes Guralnick was formerly ranked about 500th in the world, so yeah, he was pretty decent.

It was such an honor to meet Al Gore, see him speak and have lunch with him. He is such an inspiring person who continues to do a great job of representing our country all around the world. His speech for Common Pitch was held at a public park in Santiago.

Thanks to Rodrigo Guendelman for an awesome tour of Santiago and its various unique beverages. And thanks so much to everyone who helped make the trip possible especially Andrea Guendelman of Northsur and Common.

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