New Boulder Startup Genome Map

Be part of an awesome opportunity to help connect entrepreneurs, investors and resources in Boulder’s startup community. Startup Colorado, the Silicon Flatirons Center, Startup Genome, and Foundry Group have collaborated to develop the Startup Genome map, a curated social startup map for Colorado.

The map is up and running, but it’s far from complete. In order to succeed, this community-driven project needs your support. Here’s what you can do to help:

Put yourself on the map. Click on the map below to add your company and other companies you know about. The goal is to include every Boulder startup, firm, incubator, accelerator or other startup community resource on this map.

Report inaccuracies. If you notice anything on the map that you think might be incorrect, please contact me.

Become a curator. If you’re very active in the community, let me know if you’d like to join me as a curator for Boulder. Curators review changes to the map to help ensure its accuracy.

Spread the word. You can help drive involvement by reaching out to others in the community and informing them about this opportunity.

The Startup Genome map will be an outstanding community resource here in Colorado to connect investors and entrepreneurs. Please help make it a success by doing whatever you can to get involved. Here’s the map:

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