Mentors, Startups, and Life

I enjoyed doing this interview (embedded below) with Starto.TV. It’s a bit slow getting started, but after the two minute mark I think it captures a bunch of good stuff, such as:

The one big thing that changed my (business life)
How Techstars got started
My graceful failure and the hard lesson I learned from it
What to do after a failure
The first product I ever sold (Now and Laters candy)
Are entrepreneurs born or made?
How to tell the difference between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.
The marketplace where great ideas are traded.
Whether or not you need a Harvard MBA to win at startups.
The top things people do wrong when approaching mentors.
Why mentors want to help in the first place.
How one technology innovation can create thousands of companies and tens of thousands of jobs very quickly.
What’s really amazing about the paid paid vacation.
The value of unplugging.
The power of giving first.
The most important startup tip ever.
Specific examples of the incredible value add of great mentors.

Here’s the video. I enjoyed this interview, and I hope you do too.

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