Calling all Veterans – TechStars Patriot Boot Camp

Recently, Techstars announced the Patriot Boot Camp in Washington D.C. from July 18-20. The deadline for applications to Patriot Boot Camp is already upon us: June 24th (this Sunday) at midnight Eastern time.

We have lined up an impressive roster of mentors for this July event in D.C., including Aneesh Copra, Former US Chief Technology Officer, Scott Case and Donna Harris from Startup America, and a wide variety of our own Techstars mentors, alumni, and driven entrepreneurs in relevant industries. Medal of Honor Recipient Paul Bucha will be speaking at the event as well.

Techstars Patriot Boot Camp is far more than some amazing speakers, however. It’s a hands on “Techstars-like” experience for startups founded by veterans. Specifically, you can expect:

  • One-on-one mentoring from amazing mentors
  • Interaction with other motivated entrepreneurs
  • Education on the process to build a technology startup
  • Interaction with successful D.C. startups
  • Access to startup community resources
  • Peer and mentor feedback

In the coming months, Techstars will work to create new opportunities for a larger audience of entrepreneurs by building relationships with selected applicants and our alumni network. We recognize that there are some demographic groups that are underrepresented among technology startup founders so we created the RisingStars program. The goal is to extend technology company startup opportunities to demographic groups that are currently underrepresented in the technology startup community.

If your company is founded by veterans, apply to the Patriot Boot Camp in DC now! The deadline to apply is now less than a week away!

If you have questions or want to help out as a mentor, drop us a note. Here’s what you can tweet or post on Facebook to help spread the word:

“Check out the Patriot Boot Camp in DC, hosted by @Techstars. Apply now if you’re a veteran – great opportunity!”

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