Brad Feld’s random acts of kindness

My fake Brad Feld tag cloud

When I read Brad Feld’s latest post “Random Acts of Kindness – Marathon Fundraising“, it made me think that If I had to create a fake tag cloud of words that have to do with Brad, the word “random” would be in it, as would the word “kindness.”

You see, I met Brad on one of his “random days“, and the result of that meeting was Techstars. Brad has gone on to lead by example with his “give first, get later” philosophy in countless ways. The way he and his wife Amy live their lives has been a true inspiration to me and so many others that I know.

The “give first” philosophy is what powers Techstars, in fact. All of the mentors give first, and I think most of them would tell you they’ve gotten something back that is unexpected. This is largely because of a seed that Brad planted early on at Techstars, and the leadership he exhibits by living his own life this way. Since then that philosophy has gone one to influence countless others.

So when Brad announced that he’d be donating at least $5,000 for each of the 29 upcoming marathons he plans to run to “random” families via GiveForward, and activating his community to amp it up all I could do was smile and say “That’s so Brad.”

Brad’s upcoming marathon in Missoula is a chance for you to follow his lead and participate in a random act of kindness. Use the widget here or check out the GiveForward “Kicking Cancer” fundraising page to help out Justin Salcedo and his family if you’d like. Or, just use the link to leave a virtual hug and help spread the word about this amazing thing that Brad is doing.

I hope Brad inspires you to “give first” or to create your own random act of kindness. Thank you Brad!

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