Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new book, Do More Faster: Techstars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup, which Brad Feld and I wrote over the course of the last year.

We’ve learned so much over the course of the first four years of running Techstars that we wanted to try to capture the phrases that seem to be repeated often in the context of the program. Rather than try to capture them all ourselves, Brad and I enlisted the help of dozens of the amazing Techstars mentors and many of the founders who went through the program to contribute to the book. We ended up with around eighty unique chapters covering seven themes, with contributions from amazing folks like Tim Ferriss, Matt Mullenweg, Bijan Sabet, Colin Angle, Dharmesh Shah, Matt Blumberg, Laura Fitton, Greg Gottesman, Bill Warner, Ryan McIntyre, Eric Ries, Ben Huh, Fred Wilson, Dick Costolo, Dave McClure, Andy Sack, Rob Hayes, Jeff Clavier, Jason Mendelson, Eran Egozy, Mark Solon, Howard Lindzon, Seth Levine, and many more.

What we ended up with is a book that we think is as unique and special as Techstars itself. After all, Techstars is really about an amazing collection of people (mentors + entrepreneurs) and we think Do More Faster is a similarly awesome mix of these ingredients.

Brad and I are about to head out on a Whirlwind Book Tour – you can follow along on Plancast. We hope you can join us if we’re coming to your city.

Do More Faster is available for pre-order now and is available everywhere in October. Come check out the Do More Faster site for more information and to order your copy now.

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