CreateSpace is a class act

Brad Feld and I have written a book (with contributions from Techstars mentors and past founders) called “Do More Faster” that is coming out later this year. Originally, we were going to self publish it and after some research we selected CreateSpace as our vendor for this. They were very easy to work with, seemed to use technology well, and price competitive. I paid them thousands of dollars up front to kick off the process of creating a cover, formatting the document, etc.

About a month into the process, they had delivered the cover on schedule and were beginning to work on the internal formatting of the book. At that time, we secured a publisher for the book and decided that we needed to scrap the work that CreateSpace was doing.

I reached out to them to see if any of the money we had paid (which had been clearly marked as non-refundable) for work that had not yet been completed could be returned to us. I didn’t have any expectations that they would say yes, but they quickly came back and told me they had refunded a meaningful chunk of the money we had paid. In that same email, they congratulated us and wished us good luck.


I recommend CreateSpace wholeheartedly if you’re going to self publish a book. They went above and beyond, with no questions asked.

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3 responses to “CreateSpace is a class act

  1. The book project sounds great. I just went to order it on Amazon and don’t see it listed yet. You should ask your publisher to make sure it is available on Amazon for pre-order. -GG

  2. G Greeley – right – it will be available on pre-order but it’s not coming out in stores until Oct 25. Not sure when the pre-order date will be, but if you head over to you can sign up on twitter and/or facebook for updates. (that page is in progress – a little ugly right now)

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