ProTip: Attachments not links

Here’s a ProTip for anyone sending their pitch to an investor by email.

Use attachments instead of download links.

Why? Because many investors are busy and often only get to “catch up on email” on planes. And planes usually have no connectivity. Additionally, with attachments, we don’t have to wait for downloads.

It takes me way longer to answer a cold pitch email that has links than it does to answer one that has attachments because of this phenomenon.

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2 responses to “ProTip: Attachments not links

  1. Isn’t it considered bad etiquette to send an unsolicited attachment?

    Perhaps there should at least be some guidelines in terms of format/size. E.g., most phones can handle PDF pretty well, but not all will support PPT/DOC/etc. – and keep it under 500kb?

  2. I don’t think it’s bad etiquette at all in this case. Maybe in some cases, but internet investors probably have pretty decent systems (iphones, good email clients, high bandwidth, etc).

    sending both a link and attachment is great too, by the way.

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