Open Angel Forum Colorado – February 3 FAQS

Since my original post on the Open Angel Forum, I’ve received the following frequently asked questions:

Q. What is the deadline to apply to present at OAFCO1 on February 3rd, 2010?
A. From my experience with Techstars, I know you need a deadline so you can apply 32 seconds before it. So let’s make it 6:00PM Mountain time, February 1st, 2010. Of course, applying earlier would be helpful and appreciated. Here’s the application form again.

Q. What types of angels/companies should attend/present at OAFCO?
A. The angel makeup so far seems to be about 80% software/IT/web and 20% other stuff. So we’ll likely shoot for 4 companies doing software/IT/web stuff and 1 doing something else. So any type of company should apply, but particularly software/web/IT companies.

Q. I’d like to become an angel investor, but I don’t meet the requirement of having made 3 investments of note in the past 12 months. May I attend?
A. Please ask, and I’ll put you on the waiting list. This is not a networking event or a “learn how to angel invest” event. OAF exists to help entrepreneurs reach very active angels and as such we’ll opt for a smaller crowd of top notch / active angels. If we have a seat or two left, we’ll allow less experienced angels in based on how many deals they’ve done in the past.

Q. I’m just really interested in this, but I’m not an angel and my company isn’t pitching. May I attend?
A. Yes, but you’ll have to buy a ticket. There are only 5 4 (thanks Cooley!) tickets still available at the moment.

Q. I’m a service provider locally and I’d like to support what you’re doing. May I attend?
A. Yes, this is exactly why we have tickets available. The event is free to the angels and free to the entrepreneurs. It’s supported by those who buy tickets.

Q. What’s the format?
A. The entrepreneurs and investors have dinner together, and each company makes a 5 minute presentation and 5-10 minutes of Q&A from the investors follow. Presenters must take at least one sip of beer (or their favorite beverage) during their presentation. It’s informal and fun, and there’s plenty of time for interaction between the companies and investors.

Q. Where will this be held, and when?
A. It will be downtown in Boulder. I’d tell you more, but I don’t know yet. 😉 It will be from 6pm-830pm on February 3rd.

Q. How many angels have signed up so far?
A. As of today, 12 angels that meet the “3 investments in the last 12 months” criteria, and several on the wait list. Several of these are coming from out of town. We have room for a few more, so let me know if you’d like to attend.

Hope that helps! Please let me know what other questions you have.

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