Robert Reich and Add-on-Con

Robert Reich has done an amazing job building the new tech meetup here in Boulder and now in Denver. I was at the earliest of those meetups, when there were just 10-15 people there. Now there are 300+ and standing room only at every event, it seems. It’s now a fixture here in Boulder, and Robert deserves much of the credit for that.

Now Robert has put together at conference called Add-on-Con which is focused on browser add-ons. It’s happening in Mountain View, CA on December 11. They’ve just added a closing keynote called “The future of the web browser” which will be moderated by Douglas Crockford and featuring representatives from Microsoft, Mozilla and Google. They’ve also created a program called Sandbox which is designed to help new companies get exposure to the community and the browser vendors. Finally, they’ve created a game with the goal of facilitating name and face recognition of people attending the conference.

Robert was kind enough to offer me a discount code for anyone reading this who’d like to attend. Use “DCohenaddoncon09”, it takes $50 off of the $150 registration fee.

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