An offer to Funding Universe

UPDATE: Funding Universe posted a response to this post and has now waived pitch fees nationally as a result.

Funding Universe is expanding their presence in Colorado and they are presenting a CrowdPitch event on September 30th in Denver. It costs $125 to present your company there, and it’s free to attend otherwise.

Some of us vomit when we hear that promising entrepreneurs are being charged to pitch to investors in Colorado (or anywhere). I’m hoping people will stop doing it. In my opinion, If investors want to see companies they (or sponsors) should bear the costs instead of the entrepreneurs.

To be fair, CrowdPitch is an event that is geared towards to general community and not specifically towards investors. It’s designed as a fun investor role-playing “monopoly money” type event. But still, it’s a bummer that companies have to “pay to pitch” in any setting.

So to welcome Funding Universe to Colorado, I’ll offer to pay the presentation fees for half the companies if they’ll match me.

In any event, here’s some more information about the event:

Want to pitch?

At LivePitch early stage entrepreneurs have 4 minutes to pitch to a panel of experts and a live audience of 40 – 70 peers in order to:

1. Discover investor insight.
2. Let the community know what resources are needed to move forward (partners, services, funding, connections, talent).
3. Gain visibility in the business community.

Want to attend, but not pitch?

Attendance is free. You’ll learn how investors think, meet the hottest start-ups in Colorado, and have a lot of fun. You’ll also help decide the winner of the event by investing your monopoly money in the business of your choice.

When and where

When: Wednesday September 30th
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Where: TAXI
3457 Ringsby Ct.
Denver, CO 80216

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