Boulder gets hacked – A new tradition?

Hundreds of folks attended Investor Day last Thursday as Techstars wrapped up. A few days before the event, a mysterious twitter account popped up promising something special on the eve of that event.

Dozens of out of town investors joined the scene on the rooftop of the Lazy Dog last Wednesday night and this is what they saw.

The building on which this projection is taking place is the Techstars building, and that seemed intentional. At one point the laser projection said “This wall seemed so… boring.” While this was taking place, several people accused me of organizing it. While I will admit to knowing a little something about it, I can tell you that I was neither the instigator nor the perpetrator.

I hope that this sort of thing turns into a new tradition on the eve of Techstars investor day each year. I think the out of town folks enjoyed it. I wonder what will happen next year?

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