Eric Ries – Lean Startup coming to Boulder

Eric Ries is a serial entrepreneur who has been talking about building Lean Startups in Silicon Valley and on his fantastic blog Startup Lessons Learned. He’s been sharing his ideas about Continuous Deployment, The Five Whys, the Ideas/Code/Data loop, Rapid Split Testing as well as Customer Development. His blog is simply fantastic and all reports are he’s even better in a person.

Techstars has been working with Eric Ries to bring him to Boulder. I’m excited to announce that we’ve now nailed down the dates and we’ve got not one but two great events planned with Eric on August 19th and August 20th.

On August 19th, Eric will be speaking at a dinner in Boulder. The event will include a talk from Eric on The Lean Startup over dinner, followed by moderated table discussion and then final Q&A with Eric. Tickets are available now and include dinner. A discounted price is available for early stage entrepreneurs and students.

On August 20th, Eric is leading a half day in-depth workshop on the Lean Startup. This is a great chance to really go deep on some of the concepts behind building Lean Startups. A very limited number of tickets are also available for this workshop. Early bird pricing expires on August 6th, so register early.

I’d encourage anyone building, working, or investing in startups to check these events out. We’re lucky to have Eric coming to town, so please help me spread the word about these events. I hope to see you there!

To whet your appetite, here’s an O’Reilly webcast of Eric talking about the Lean Startup.

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