You name it

There’s a discussion going on right now about coming up with a name for Colorado’s Internet scene. Rocky Radar is leading the charge and wrote a post asking for names.

I’ve seen a few comments with some interesting names like Mile Hi Tech, Highway 36, the Boulder/Denver corridor and my personal favorite Feldicon CohenValley.

Others have suggested that you can’t “crowdsource” a name from some central authority, it just has to get started and naturally stick. Probably true, but just to be clear, there is no “authority” behind this.  A few people have just gotten together and decided it might be fun to solicit names that don’t suck. There aren’t any expectations about a name actually sticking, but we’re hoping that maybe one will. This is all being done under “you won’t know if you don’t try” theory.

The bigger thing to think about is why this might be important in the first place. Colorado’s tech and internet scene has no real identity at a national scale. Sure, people know that Boulder and Denver and other parts of the state have some interesting stuff going on, but there’s no unifying “tag” for the area that people can refer to. It would be nice if there were, I think.  All of the great efforts going on in the state would instantly become more visible as they could associate with this nationally recognized tag, increasing the visibility and amplifying the signal from the region.

I hope you’ll participate and come up with some ideas for what we should call all this great stuff that’s happening here. Name submissions can be offered on Twitter by using the hash tag #nameCO or by emailing

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