VCIR wraps up with final presentations

I’m still sitting in Track 1 up in Beaver Creek at VCIR, where I’ve been all day. The presentations at the VCIR Winter conference are wrapping up with two final companies.

Market Force Information is consolidating and transforming the “mystery shopping” market, also known as the customer experience information industry. The company has built a robust technology platform that drives efficiencies, and now has a field network of 300,000 independent contractors, and currently evaluates about 120,000 customer visits per month for some 200 clients.

Rounding out the conference was TrackVia, which is currently funded by Flywheel Ventures and Access Venture Partners. After CEO Chris Basham announced that he was the “last thing standing between you and a beer” he presented the company, which makes an online database application that is “as easy to use as a spreadsheet.” The company is targeting business users and charges monthly fees starting at $249.

It’s been a great group of companies at VCIR again this year. Thanks for following along. I promise not to torture you with liveblogging like this on a regular basis.

Now off to get that beer Chris was talking about.

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