An afternoon of forward looking web companies at VCIR

I’m still sitting in Track 1 which consists of innovative web companies, this time for the afternoon sessions. I have no idea what’s happening over in Track 2, but I hear lots of applause coming from the next room at a regular interval. There is also occasional laughter, which could be either good or bad, I suppose. And I see lots of tweets about Peanut Butter, of all things.

To kick things off after lunch, Duncan McCall talked about his Boulder-based company, Public Earth which he describes as “better information about interesting places.” Public Earth sits in the middle of the explosion of GPS-enabled devices and the geographic web. Backed by Polaris, Duncan explained the Public earth is bringing the wiki spirit to the Geo Web, allowing users to mark up the world with interesting content in a structured way. As importantly, Public Earth is working to enable access to this massive database on mobile and GPS enabled devices. The company has assembled an impressive list of early partners.

CEO Eric Olden described Symplified as “the VeriSign of cloud security.” The company (based in Boulder, CO) provides “on demand” security for the cloud-based computing model. Today, many enterprises find cloud computing very compelling but are reluctant to make the jump due to authentication, security, compliance, and integration concerns. Their product, SinglePoint, offers an integrated solution.

Chris Jeffers then presented Denver-based netFactor which makes a product called VisitorTrack. Chris describes VisitorTrack as “caller ID for web sites.” The product turns anonymous webiste clicks into B2B leads without any registration action. I’ve covered NetFactor a few times in the past on Colorado Startups.

Next up was 3 Point 5 from Salt Lake City, Utah. CEO Duncan Robins explained that the company focuses on the 3.5% of consumers called “sales influencers” who are in a position to directly influence the broader market and who also drive most sales discussions. The company builds online destinations that attract communities of sales influencers in the sporting goods industry. It provides customers with integrated marketing and commerce tools for interacting with this valued segment of the market.

There are two more presentations to wrap up after the coffee break. I’ll be right back.

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