Why 99% of entrepreneurs fail

I love this post by Jessica Mah (thanks for the link to Dave McClure). Jessica talks about 3 types of “amateur entrepreneurs” and says she’s “been every single one of them.” And she’s learned from those experiences and won’t make them again.

Type 1 Amateur Entrepreneur: All ideas, no implementation.
Type 2 Amateur Entrepreneur: Lots of ideas and half assed implementations.
Type 3 Amateur Entrepreneur: Lots of ideas, lots of implementations, and absolutely no focus.

Have you been guilty of of being a Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 amateur entrepreneur? Jessica explains that it’s not too late to reform.

If you find yourself as being an amateur entrepreneur, it’s not too late to change. Pick one idea that you’re passionate about, and whole-heartedley follow through with your implementation.

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