Brightkite goes public (like… beta, not NASDAQ)

brightkite - map view
Image by CosmoPolitician via Flickr

Brightkite is a very popular location-based social network that brings people together around places. Users can follow what their friends are up to, where they are, and annotate places with notes and photos for everybody to see. Brightkite  can be used on a variety of different platforms, including the web, mobile web, email, SMS, iPhone, several GPS devices, and more. The company emerged from the inaugural Techstars class of 2007 Рyou can read my early coverage here.

Brightkite had been in private beta for some time, but has just recently opened the doors to anyone who would like to try it out. If you do, be sure to friend me.

The iPhone app is awesome. I use it instead of twitter specific apps now because it can automatically cross post to Twitter with location and photos. It uses the iPhone location services to automatically figure out your location and makes checking in and posting a photo or note in one action dead simple. And best of all, Brightkites privacy settings are perfectly thought out.

If you’re not already a user, head over and give the public beta of Brightkite a spin.

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