The New Fuser – Your unified inbox

I first got involved with Fuser nearly two years ago as a technical advisor. I got my first sneak peek at the software in June of 2007. It worked, but it was pretty slow and I thought the UI had lots of room for improvement.

With the release this week of the new Fuser, I can say that the full vision is now being realized. Fuser is where inboxes meet. You can “fuse” your inboxes from all of your email and social services. It supports all the email services you’d expect (gmail, hotmail, pop3, imap, etc), as well as Facebook, Myspace, and it even has a nifty Twitter integration now. What I think is cool about Fuser is that it uses your existing mail services to send and receive messages. It’s different in that it presents you with a nice unified view of all your messaging but still allows you to use the underlying services that you find appropriate.

Perhaps most importantly, this new version of Fuser is gorgeous. They clearly spent a great deal of time rethinking and focusing on the user experience. The new Fuser is also about 40% faster and includes a bunch of new message management features to help avoid overload.

Fuser has also launched a new ad campaign called Never Miss a Message. It’s worth a few laughs to see the sorts of messages that you just don’t want to miss in your inbox. There are also some solid ScreenCasts that show you how the software works.

If the idea of having a single view of all your messaging appeals to you, head over and give the new Fuser a try. It performs this job well, and it’s fun and easy to use.

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