Putting Left Hand Networks into perspective

Last weeks acquisition of Boulder’s Left Hand Networks by HP was certainly one of the larger Colorado acquisitions in recent memory, weighing in at 360 million. It made me curious, so I did some (very quick and dirty) research and came up with these notable exits of Colorado companies over the last 9 years or so. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few – this list is not meant to be comprehensive. I intentionally omitted IPOs, for example. One or two of the values are estimated because they were not fully disclosed. But hopefully this does provide some perspective for this deal and others you may know about if you’ve lived here for a while.

Despite this large exit (and congrats to Left Hand Networks!), perhaps we’re nearly due for the “once every 5 years” outlier that we’ve seen twice in the last ten years. Who knows. Maybe it’ll be your cool new social network.

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