Metro State College seeking e-mentors

I’m on the board of advisors for the Center for Innovation at Metro State College. Because we think mentors kinda rock and that they’re critical to helping first time entrepreneurs, we’ve established an e-mentorship program there. The program matches both high school (Denver Venture School – the only entrepreneurship-focused charter school in the country) and Metro State college students with entrepreneurial experts in the Denver and Boulder areas. These mentors counsel students on the skills necessary to become a successful business owner.

We tried to design this program so it would not take too much of your time (about one e-mail per week), but would make a huge impact in the lives of budding entrepreneurs. After an initial face-to face meeting, all mentor-mentee communications take place electronically in our specially-designed E-Mentorship website. So this is a “meet them once, then help them by email” type of relationship. Take it from me, mentorship can be incredibly powerful and this is a really easy way to get involved with some kids who would really value your experience and help.

Consider signing up today to be an e-mentor in the program. I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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