Don’t just make fun of em, Razz’em allows users to create funny photos or animations and then use them to make fun of people (celebrities, your friends, whatever).

The company intends to deploy Razzem through other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. For example, if you are a Facebook member you can Razz your contacts with a few simple clicks and keystrokes. Isn’t that what half of us are doing on Facebook anyway?

“With millions of people using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, we intend to engage them in the virtual world by helping people laugh at each other and themselves in the real world,” says founder Suzanne Duret.

When you visit the site, you’ll be greeted by the cute little logo shown in this article. The it will make a funny sound. That’s pretty cute the first time, but after the 5th time it gave me a really good reason to quit coming back to the site. Hopefully they’ll cookie me and only do this once in a while after the first time.

Suzanne is also the founder of, a site which allows you to air your complaints and then have the community decide which participant goes to the dog house.

Time will tell if anyone takes these sites seriously or not. Or not. Seriously.

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