Server virtualization conference

In case you are not like me and have a clue what server virtualization is all about, you might want to know about an event being planned in Denver for September 29th. Here’s an email I received detailing the event.

The Rocky Mountain Windows Technology User Group ( Virtualization mini-conference in Denver on Sept. 29 demonstrates the state-of-the-art with server virtualization technologies. CIOs, CTOs, managers, developers and system and network administrators are invited to spend a half-day with the RMWTUG. Expected attendance is 400 – 500 people. The main presentation will be performed with real servers, networking and storage infrastructure on the stage, courtesy of Demartek. On the stage will be four identical, large, name-brand servers (dual-Xeon, quad-core, large memory) along with enterprise-class networking and storage infrastructure including iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage. Loaded on the servers will be ESX, Hyper-V and possibly other virtualization technologies. Sponsors, prize giveaways and more details at:

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