A better job board for startups

About a year ago, I started a job board here on ColoradoStartups.com. I wanted it to be free and only allow startups to post on it. Since then, 207 jobs at startups have been posted on my free job board to date. The bad news is that that only drew 59 applications in total from my readers. Not that great, but still a decent service to the community at no charge.

As of tonight, this job board will be shut down. But…. there’s good news too.

The good news is that I’ve replaced it with a much more functional job board that brings job posters many new benefits. Previously, job posts were only seen on ColoradoStartups.com. With the new job board, your posts are seen across the country on startup oriented job boards. For example, they’ll be seen as usual on ColoradoStartups.com, but also on the Texas Startup Blog, Kentucky Startups, North Carolina Startups, and so on. Better yet, this is a quickly growing list of startup oriented blogs which are perfect for reaching your audience. Better still, your ads will be seen whenever anyone searches for your keywords or geography across the entire SimplyHired.com network, which includes thousands of sites like MySpace, GigaOM, LinkedIn, VentureBeat, and the New York Post. Not bad, eh? In a nutshell, job posts on ColoradoStartups.com will now be seen much more widely.

The only downside is that the posting price has gone from free to $5 per listing. Using this new technology, this is the minimum that SimplyHired will allow us to charge. So of course, we picked that number since we love startups and don’t really do this for the money! This is still a great bargain as your listing is valid for 60 days, again, across the entire network. Just $5 for 60 days.

I hope you will continue to list your openings here on ColoradoStartups.com. I think the new job board will perform better for you. If you have any questions, just fire away in the comments.

It’s live, so you can post a job on the new and improved job board right now if you’d like to.

If you’re looking for a startup job in Colorado, here’s the full list and subscription options.

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