The Keiretsu Forum one year later

Over a year ago, I covered the fact that the Keiretsu Forum (“the worlds largest angel investor network”) had opened up a chapter in Colorado. There are currently 17 chapters of the Keiretsu Forum worldwide.

Steve Murchie, who founded and runs the Denver chapter dropped me an email to update me on what’s been going on in the last year. He told me that the local chapter members have participated in funding over $2M in eight companies since inception. The group now has over 30 new active angel investors as members. These investors have seen more than 40 companies who have presented to the group. Steve also told me that they’ve raised more than $10k for charities and non-profits so far.

“The Keiretsu Forum got it right,” said Lu Cordova, CEO of Almacen, who received funding from presenting to Keiretsu Forum Denver. “I founded CTEK Angels as a way to fund tech companies, but we had nothing to offer a growing demand for diverse investment options. The Keiretsu Forum understands that innovation and opportunity comes in all forms, from tech to consumer goods to real estate, and that diversity maps well to individual investors seeking a broader allocation of their risk portfolio.”

The next investor forum meeting will be held on July 30 in Denver. Accredited investors who would like to learn more about Keiretsu Forum are invited to observe the meeting and should contact Steve Murchie at smurchie at keiretsuforum dot com.

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