Generation Think Tank – guys in matching shirts

Generation Think Tank (GTT) is a new “non-traditional marketing and advertising” firm in Boulder. The firm is focused on helping clients reach the coveted “gen Y” crowd between the ages of 13 and 32. The founders are Brett Jackson (an early employee at Crocs), Connor McCue, and Daniel Lim, but the company now has about ten people on staff full time. GTT has three main areas of focus: Strategic consulting, digital media, and branded entertainment.

This past Friday night I bumped into Brett (right) and Connor (middle), along with Alex Watson (left) at The Kitchen. I caught this snap of them all wearing their new GTT threads. Now that’s dedication.

Early customers of Generation Think Tank include Gelazzi and Brainpark. Here’s a video that Gelazzi is using to drum up interest in their product.

See more Generation Think Tank work for Gelazzi at

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