EventVue wins CSIA “Rookie of the Year” award

EventVue is a Boulder based company that makes software for conferences to help engage and organize conference attendees. In effect, EventVue helps make conferences more participatory.

EventVue starts by interfacing with the conferences existing registration system (such as Eventbrite or RegOnline). Attendees are then invited to participate in a simple targeted social network that is automatically formed around that conference. Conference goers can then search out people that they’d like to connect with prior to the conference, message them, and learn more about them. This has the advantage that once the attendee arrives at the actual conference, they already know who they want to see out.

When I go to a conference, it’s mostly about the networking. EventVue is just the type of service that can help make that happen, and help me get the most out of my conference experience.

Of course, EventVue does much more than just that. It integrates services such as Twitter to help the conference organizer keep up with the pulse of their community. It auto-magically finds attendees blogs, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other profiles, then provides powerful community tools around them. For example, EventVue auto-discovers the conversations among conference attendees in the blogosphere and twitter and aggregates and promotes that to the conference organizer and other attendees. Any good conference is a social event, and EventVue helps magnify this for the benefit of all.

Last night EventVue won “Rookie of the Year” at the CSIA APEX Awards. When they were presented with the award, the CSIA said that it was because EventVue represents a potential to drastically change the way conferences and conventions are held and is beginning to deliver on that promise. Congrats to Rob, Josh, and the team at EventVue on the award.

Disclosure: I’m an investor in EventVue via Techstars and Colorado Startups.

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