A visit to Idyllon

Idyllon is an massively multiplayer online game that is an “online, 3D, social entertainment platform”. Instead of a home page, users get a cottage in the woods. In short, Idyllon is trying to map the online social constructs of today onto the familiar patterns of real life. In concept, it will be like playing a premium online game while exploring the social landscape.

Idyllon I emailed with Idyllon founder Stuart Compton who told me that Idyllon “is designed from the beginning to remove the barriers present in current Social Networks and premium online games. As a truly mass market product, Idyllon is safe, friendly, warm and welcoming. You begin in your own home, in a private, safe environment where you can learn and experiment. Then, when you’re ready, a unique social experience awaits outside your front gate.

Inside your home, and beyond your front door, you can modify your surroundings and customize them to your liking. There are also public areas where you can meet, chat, and make friends, as well as areas to play games. Basically, Idyllon is there to be explored.

I’ll admit I’m no expert on gaming systems, but the technology seems deep and interesting to me. Stuart was the art director for Everquest II, so he’s got a strong background with this stuff. The game concept seems to be more like Second Life – the point is not game play with Idyllon – instead it’s more about discovery. The question is whether or not Idyllon will ever reach the market, and if it does, will it speak to it in a way that is differentiated enough from others. Hopefully time will tell. If you’re interested, keep watching.

Idyllon plans to charge $19.95, plus $6.95 per month to subscribe. The company is currently seeking potential investors.

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