Calling Tango Blue

Paul Berberian is one of the smartest guys I know. He’s best known around town as one of the founders of Raindance Communications. Last year, he started a company called Zuzingo which makes Zenie Bottles.

Just one year into it, Paul folded the company last week.

In a great post laying it all out, Paul wrote:

“At Raindance we often spoke to each other using strange coded slang. Words like jinky, minty-fresh and shandango where thrown around a lot. Tango Blue was a special code for “something’s wrong – time to act fast!” Similar to Eject! Eject! Eject! using fighter pilot talk – but less alarming to those who don’t know what it means – like “Code Blue” in a hospital.”

“The one thing we did get right was to face the facts and act quickly. … While I’m personally humbled by this experience – I at least can take some consolation that we called Tango Blue before it was too late.”

I had a similar experience in one of my startups. When you know the gig is up, get out of the gig. Fast. Go read Paul’s post.

Many props to Paul for writing this up.

Is your company in the deadpool? Consider writing about it and sharing the lessons you’ve learned.

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